About Us

Who: I’m Wendy - aka Wendala - a term of endearment given to me by my Aunt Barbara and now used by many of my family & friends… I’m a former stand-up comedian (like Sarah Blakely, founder of SPANX) whom I consider to be my mentor even though she probably has no idea I exist!! 😂😪🤣


Over time I became a super smeller wine professional which gave me the gift of a great sniffer.  The scents I have created are unique. They are also fun- and that's the point here!  A little mushy-mush and a washy-wash, and your hands and feet will fall in love.

What: Wendala’s®  makes Hand Scrubs, Body Scrubs, Shave Scrubs... and soon to be released- Footsie Scrubs!!  

When: I had never heard of or even tried a Sugar Scrub until 2019!!!! I had no idea what it was or that this kind of amazing product even existed! A good friend of mine told me to try a basic Coconut/Sugar combo - only because I had spent the day at the beach and was feeling a bit dry from all the beautiful LowCountry Sun I had been soaking up all day - and then BOOM - “I’m starting a Sugar Scrub Company!!!!!"

Why:  Wendala’s® is the coolest thing I’ve ever done. I have created this company from scratch - literally. I believe in the Scrub, I believe in myself - but most of all, I believe I can create a successful company that provides great products and proves hard work and perseverance is the key to success,  which is the definition of #Empowerment. And that is the backbone of  Wendala’s®️