Why is Shea Butter so Good for your Skin?

Wendala loves Shea Butter because it helps make your skin feel smoother, help protect it from wrinkles and moisturizes your skin.

What is Shea Butter? I mean one of my mom's husbands was named Shea, are they related? I mean he was a nut and Shea Butter comes from a nut, so maybe?

Well as it turns out- after some extensive research- the Shea Tree grows in Africa- not Harrisburg- where that particular husband is from.   The raw fruit of the Shea Tree is picked, extracted and then refined into natural Shea Butter.

Shea Butter is super rich- like-Big💰 Money Rich💰- in Vitamin A, E and F.

Vitamin A is the first vitamin approved by the FDA as an anti-wrinkle agent. Not the Get Smart kind of agent or the kind of agent Tom Cruise played in Jerry Maguire- Vitamin A is the kind of agent that really is proven to be an anti wrinkler- like The Fonz- except with an R.  Since Shea Butter is chocka wocka full of Shea Butter then guess what? I'm schmearin' it all over my hands and my face.

If over time it's gonna' lessen or prevent me from lookin' like the wrinkled linen shirt I wore yesterday- they hey- bring it on- cause honestly - I'd rather have a blackhead than a wrinkle.  Hey Shea Butter is a Butter- full of FATS- so yeah it might clogpores a bit. but might not. Anyway, definitely try some on your hands- it's like Buttah.


Vitamin E - Full of Anti-Oxidants.

Really? Who comes up with these words? Can't we all just be real here? What the F is an Anti-Oxident?  I honestly do not have time to get a medical degree- I'm tryin' to run a company here. Oy Vey.

The bottom line is the Anti-Oxident is the good guy- like Harrison Ford in everything he's ever in.

The Anti- Oxident/Vitamin E (all up in that Shea Butter) goes to town on those

scavenging free radicals (different kind of free radical then were handed in the McCarthy era) that can affect your skin- like dry air, pollution, age or even stress.


Vitamin F- not even really a Vitamin- (Fatty Fat F for short)

Bottom Line- Vitamin F is a GOOD FAT!!!  Jut embarrassed to go around calling himself Fat- stupid stigmas, you know? This is the kind of fat you want on the outside of your skin- I'll have mine with a side of fries please.  Vitamin F helps make a barrier on your skin to protect it from icky stuff- those scavenging radicals again! 

Vitamin F is found in a bunch of skincare products such as oils and creams because it is full of Anti-Oxidents (the Harrison Ford's of Skincare) just like Vitamin E.


Here's some tips for storing your Shea Butter

Make sure your shea butter is stored in an airtight container
Don’t let it get too humid
Fluctuating temperatures or extremely low or high temperatures can make your shea butter icky.

    Butter Up Babes!!

Shea butter is a key ingredient in Wendala's®️ Hand Scrubs, Body Scrubs and Foot Scrubs.  It can also be purchased on it’sown.